City dealing with Cherry Beach shoreline erosion

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City dealing with Cherry Beach shoreline erosion

The city is moving on a plan to deal with a fast-eroding section of shoreline in Stoney Creek.

The plan is to spend three million dollars on a breakwall that would protect city-owned properties along Cherry Beach, which is located east of Millen Road.

The section of shoreline in question is eroding at a rate of 1-to-2 metres per year, due to its position and the material it is made of, as well as its exposure to wind and wave action.

Councillor Maria Pearson says the breakwall is similar to approaches taken elsewhere along the shoreline.

The former City of Stoney Creek started purchasing private cottages in the 1990′s with a goal of creating a waterfront park. The City of Hamilton continues to purchase any cottages that come up for sale.

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