Don’t forget the elected officals that failed to deliver maximum return on stadium

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With the opening of Tim Horton’s Field comes the close of a book most Hamiltonian’s would rather not have been a part of.

From an incredible city building windfall,  to an embarrassing,  bitter, divisive argument between a football team and  a city council, all at the expense of Hamiltonians on several different levels.

 But the stadium is open now and this issue has been passed to the next generation who will judge whether it was a good or bad idea, or in reality, the only option Hamilton was left with after the carnage.

Yes we have to move on and enjoy what our leaders spent our money on to the best of our ability, anything less who would only add to the pain.

 But with the looming decisions this city is facing, especially on transit and LRT, we must never forget that the majority of elected officials who failed to get maximum impact from this investment are still involved today.

 The stadium WILL be an election issue, simply because it’s yet another example of a high priority project the city council could not get its arms around.

 And with a Liberal government poised to dole out more money on transit there is a good chance this same group will screw that up too.

Please remember, you do have a say, it called your vote.

 Use it in October to instigate real change. 

It’s time we had leaders that are keeping up with the city, not dragging it down.

 I’m Scott Thompson.


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