Harper On The NATO Hot Seat

Hamilton, ON, Canada / AM900 CHML | Hamilton News

Prime Minister Stephen Harper has certainly been talking the talk when it comes to standing up to Vladimir Putin and Russian aggression.

But now, he’s  under pressure to walk the walk and back up his rhetoric with action.

This week’s NATO meeting in Wales will focus on Ukraine and the Russian incursion into that area.

NATO policy dictates that member nations spend 2% of gross domestic product on defence, but under the Harper government’s austerity plan, Canada spends only 1% of GDP on defence.

In fact, they just cut $2.7 billion from the defence budget.

The NATO military command says that they need to ramp up their military capabilities to meet a clear and present danger from Russia.

Fellow NATO leaders, including President Obama and British Prime Minister David Cameron are challenging the Canadian Prime Minister to back up his tough talk with action and increase the military funding .

So far, both Germany and Canada are refusing to comply; Harper did say that Canada might consider extra funding  in response to what he called a specific problem in that area.

But with Russian troops already in Ukraine and Putin eying Estonia, the NATO  command insists that the crisis is already happening.

Will Stephen Harper back up his tough talk with action ?

Both our NATO  allies and certainly the Russians will be watching to see the Canadian Prime Minister’s response.

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