Hospital patient placed in isolation

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Hospital patient placed in isolation

St. Catharines General Hospital is taking every precaution after putting a patient in isolation and testing him for Ebola.

The patient went to the hospital with “flu like symptoms” and it was discovered he had recently traveled to West Africa, site of the current and deadly Ebola outbreak.

The test results are expected Thursday.

Niagara Health Systems spokesperson Brady Wood says the patient is stable and is considered a “low risk”.

Chief of Staff Tony Stewart says all protocols are being followed and the hospital is consulting with infectious disease experts and public health officials.

This latest isolation case in St. Catharines is part of a heightened worldwide vigilance to prevent to the spread of the disease.

The World Health Organization says three thousand people in West Africa have contracted the disease with 15-hundred dead.

(Hamilton Spectator)


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  1. It has been around in the the early 90′ or so, and then tapered of. Now, I, wonder if the world food shortage has re ignited by the natives eating the bus meat. They know the consequences but they think they will not be the ones who get ill from it, it is like the others will be sick , not us. Like all of us, when it comes to something going around. We deny it , it is not for us it is for another.