Unanimous support for downtown McMaster expansion bid

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Unanimous support for downtown McMaster expansion bid

Councillor Chad Collins says you don’t need a university degree to understand the economic benefits of having students downtown.

He’s joined the rest of Hamilton City Council in voting unanimously to support McMaster’s newest proposal to expand its footprint in the core. The city agreeing on Thursday to donate a parking lot to the university’s bid for provincial funding of a new campus.

McMaster President Patrick Deane notes that the Ontario government wants to create 60 thousand new post-secondary spaces through it’s “Major Capacity Expansion Call”.

He cautions that it’s a very competitive process with most Ontario universities bidding for a share of the money, but he also believes that they have one of the stronger proposals.

In the short-term, the new campus would be home to more than one thousand students with visions of a ten-fold expansion over two decades.

McMaster has until September.26th to submit its proposal.

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