Council as ‘unplanned’ for LRT as they were the stadium

Hamilton, ON, Canada / AM900 CHML | Hamilton News

Hamilton mayoral candidate Brad Clark has said “No” to LRT, at this time.

He says we cannot afford it right now due to mounting debt plus major dollars are needed to improve infrastructure and bring the HSR up to optimal operating standards.

 In other words, how can we have a productive LRT system when there are so many holes in HSR service?

 Many questions are still unanswered about the cost and many more have arose, even regarding the suggested route, proving more research needs to be done.

 We have an elected council who failed to get even close to the maximum return on our stadium investment.

How can the same old group feel they have a handle on transit infrastructure and LRT?

 The fact that this council approved an LRT line that does not connect to the much publicized GO Big Move project/James St Station, proves at the very least, their research is already outdated.

As I have stated here many times, LRT that is not connected to a modern transit hub like GO is NOT modern transit.

 Clearly more work needs to be done here before the majority of Hamiltonians are on board.

 Perhaps more time should be spent on that, before there is any more talk about who wants it, and who does not.

 I’m Scott Thompson.


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  1. Finally, we have a politician who clearly states his position on an issue….AND the reasons for his stand. This man strikes me as an intelligent, clear-thinker who has done his homework. He will get my vote. Like he said in his conference “If your roof and basement are leaking, one doesn’t order an in-ground swimming pool.” Especially when we actually don’t know if the Province will come through on funding. We need to fix many things in this town before we can have pretty new street cars that go to nowhere and connect to no other transportation hubs. Gawds, I hope he gets in. He’s not the most glamorous of candidates, but I don’t want a glamour boy. I want a Mayor who has a steady hand on the rudder until such times as we CAN afford treats.