Hottest day of the summer

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Today is shaping up to be the hottest day of the summer, just in time for back to school.

 A heat advisory has been issued as the temperature will hit 31 degrees Celsius today.

The breath taker is in the humidity, which will make it feel more like 39!

 Do exercise care and caution in this heat paying close attention to the young and elderly and anyone who may have issues in this weather.

 Let’s try to go the whole day without hearing about someone leaving a child or pet in a car in need of rescue.

Health officials say stay hydrated and don’t over exert yourself outside today.

 And, you might want to go for a summer time theme this Halloween season.

Forget the traditional creepy garb, covered by winter clothing.

 Looks like this year you’ll be able to go out as an ‘Ontarian celebrating summer’.

Don’t forget your water wings!

 I’m Scott Thompson.


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