Everett Sloane-21st Precinct

Lawrence Dobkin in Ellery Queen 

H.G. Wells-The Time Macine

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Fri Night Jul 31st, 2015

  • 10pm-21st Precinct–Brother
  • (Everett Sloane)
  • 10:30pm-Mr. & Mrs. North–Fallen Star
  • (Barbra Britton & Richard Denning)
  • 11pm-Dr. Kildare–Pete Cosloff
  • (Lew Ayres & Lionel Barrymore)
  • 11:30pm-My Friend Irma–The Burglar
  • (Marie Wilson & Cathy Lewis)

Sat Morn Aug 1st, 2015

  • 12am-Adv Of Philip Marlowe–Baton Sinister
  • (Gerald Mohr)
  • 12:30am-Have Gun Will Travel–Shanghai Is A Verb
  • (John Dehner)

Sat Night Aug 1st, 2015

  • 10pm-Mysterious Traveler–Behind The Locked Door
  • (Maurice Tarplin)
  • 10:30pm-Wild Bill Hickock–Mysterious Fist
  • (Guy Madison & Andy DeVine)
  • 11pm-Ellery Queen–Case Of The Singing Rat
  • (Lawrence Dobkin)
  • 11:30pm-Our Miss Brooks–Playgrounds
  • (Eve Arden)

Sun Morn Aug 2nd, 2015

  • 12am-Intrigue–Sinister Errand(Vincent Price)
  • 12:30am-Aldrich Family–Latin Homework
  • (Ezra Stone & Jackie Kelk)

Sun Night Aug 2nd, 2013

  • 10pm-Dragnet–Woman Missing For 3 Months
  • (Jack Webb)
  • 10:30pm-Bold Venture–Blue Moon
  • (Humphrey Bogart & Lauren BaCall)
  • 11pm-Inner Sanctum Mysteries–Dead To Rights
  • (Elspeth Eric Ortega)
  • 11:30pm-Damon Runyon Theatre-Blond Mink
  • (John Brown)

Mon Morn Aug 3rd, 2015

  • 12am-Nick Carter–Death Behind The Scenes
  • (Lon Clark)
  • 12:30am-Escape–The Time Machine(H.G.Wells)
  • (E. Rolfe, Jerry Corey)

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