Carlton Kadell-A Life In Your Hands

Mary Jane Croft in Suspense

Paula Winslowe also in Suspense

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Friday Night August- 28th, 2015

  • 10pm-Dragnet–The Big Chance(Jack Webb)
  • 10:30pm-The Clock–The Hitchhiker
  • (British Cast)
  • 11pm-Whistler–Masquerade(Members of Whistler Cast)
  • 11:30pm-Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar–Poor Little Rich Girl Matter
  • (Bob Bailey)

Sat Morn Aug 29th, 2015

  • 12am-Columbia Workshop–Fall Of The City
  • (Orson Welles)
  • 12:30am-Jack Benny–First Day At CBS

Sat Night Aug 29th, 2015

  • 10pm-A Life In Your Hands–Professor Allenby Is Murdered 
  • (Carlton Kadell)
  • 10:30pm-Lone Ranger–The Ring(Brace Beemer)
  • 11:00pm-Suspense–Want Ad(Mary Jane Croft,
  • Paula Winslowe, Joseph Kerns, Virginia Gregg, 
  • Jack Moyles & Lou Krugman)
  • 1130pm-Have Gun Will Travel–The Lady
  • (John Dehner)

Sun Morn Aug 30th, 2015

  • 12am-Father Knows Best–The Elusive Card Game
  • (Robert Young)
  • 12:30am-Green Hornet–Exposed(Al Hodge)

Sun Night Aug 30th, 2015

  • 10pm-Damon Runyon Theatre–Little Miss Marker
  • (John Brown as Broadway)
  • 10:30pm-Bold Venture–Crazy Old Carlos
  • (Humphrey Bogart & Lauren BaCall)
  • 11pm-Gunsmoke–Wild Bill Asks For Mat’s Help
  • (William Conrad)
  • 11:30pm-Weird Circle–The Queer Client
  • (Weird Circle Cast)

Mon Morn Aug 31st, 2015

  • 12am-Life Of Riley–Job Promotion Exam
  • (William Bendix)
  • 12:30am–Inner Sanctum Mysteries–Stardust, Strange Passenger
  • (Raymond Johnson)

Tony Hancock in Television version of Hancock's Half Hour

When Dragnet was a TV show

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