100% funding promise for rapid transit in Hamilton

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100% funding promise for rapid transit in Hamilton

Promises surrounding Rapid Transit for Hamilton have become part of the provincial election campaign.

Premier Kathleen Wynne says her party is committed to 100 per cent funding of the capital costs of rapid transit in Hamilton.

And transportation minister Glen Murray has promised, via Twitter, that a Liberal government would pay the full capital costs for Hamilton’s proposed “rapid transit” line.

But the comments don’t clarify if the public transit infrastructure would be Light Rail or Bus Rapid Transit.

The city has backed a plan for a light rail line from McMaster to Eastgate Square at a cost of over 800-million dollars, but only if it is fully funded by Queen’s Park.

Last week’s Liberal budget included 15-billion dollars for transit in the GTA and Hamilton.

The document included an LRT line in Mississauga but the commitment to Hamilton only referred to “rapid transit.”

The NDP and Progressive Conservatives voted against the budget which triggered a provincial election on June 12.

Two of Hamilton’s mayoral candidates have offered different responses to Murray’s tweet.

Councillor Brad Clark says Murray is clearly talking about BRT and not LRT.

Fellow councillor Brian McHattie believes Murray’s tweet refers to LRT.


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