Where’s Rob Ford???

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We have found Waldo but where is Rob Ford?

 Seems that he is not in Chicago at rehab as we first thought.

Turns out there was some issues when he landed and decided to get back on the plane and come home.

 No one is sure why, and customs say he chose to leave, rather than going through the process to stay.

No one is sure what that process was about or why they just didn’t let him in.

 Lots of speculators are saying this time would not have been as easy as when he entered to visit for Jimmy Kimmel siting his recent crack pictures.

 However no one knows where he went after reboarding the plane and turning around.

 Although rumour has it, the plane landed at Hamilton, instead of Toronto and Ford headed to Homewood in Guelph for treatment.

 Many have said it’s none of our business and most of it isn’t.

 But councillors want to know if he is actually getting help this time.

And considering his recent actions, voters need to know that too.

 I’m Scott Thompson.


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  1. Why do you introduce yourself after your thingie?? Yes, We know who you are! Also… It’s none of your ever loving business where he is, The man is trying to clean himself up, It’s not work that can be done with the press camped out side your front door! There is a reason rehab centers won’t let you read newspapers or make phone calls.