Parking dispute in Durand Neighbourhood

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Parking dispute in Durand Neighbourhood

There is a new battle to be fought by the Durand Neighbourhood Association and it could come down to terminology.

At issue is the use of property around One St. James Place near St. Joseph’s Hospital and nestled below the escarpment.

The owner is cutting down trees and clearing vegetation for what he is calling a parking area.

The Durand Association says it will be a commercial parking lot which is against city zoning.

The owner, Victor Veri, hasn’t said how many parking spaces will be created around the residential home.

However, he says in calling it a “parking area” not a parking lot, he’s in compliance with the law.

The neighbours and the Durand Neighbourhood Association are pushing to have the home and lands quickly designated as a heritage property to stop the plan.

(Hamilton Spectator)


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  1. This is not a heritage property, but if the owner starts charging for parking in that lot then there is something the city can do. We can only hope that it remains a parking area. Can’t under stand why the city would allow the remove of healthy trees?