Another shooting. Do we care enough to change?

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You no doubt heard about the weekend shooting at the University of California that took the lives of 7 young people with bright futures.

“You don’t think it’ll happen to your child until it does.” Said a father who lost his son.

“The talk about gun rights. What about Chris’ right to live?” he said. “When will enough people say: ‘Stop this madness? We don’t have to live like this! Too many people have died!”

A short time later a man was killed in a parking lot across from where the Indy 500 was being held. All you have to do is listen to any U.S. newscast to know this is a common occurrence there.

Gun lobbyists will say it’s their constitutional right and if the victims had guns maybe they could have defended themselves.

We here shake our heads at those wacky Americans and their Wild West mentality.

But are we far behind?

Rewind to Saturdays nights shooting death of a Toronto man in the cities south east end.

Another teen is fighting for his life in a case with no witnesses.

Like a creeping weed, this problem seems to be getting worse every year, and we all seem helpless to do little more than offer feeble excuses that don’t solve the problem.

I’m Scott Thompson.


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  1. It’s hard to pin-point the causes….Too much testosterone ? The seemingly breakup of the “Family Unit ? Lack of communication between parents and kids, because both parents have to work ? Violence being glorified in movies and video games ? The ease of obtaining weapons especially in the USA ? Man 0 Man, it’s sad. Wish I knew the answers.

  2. Another horrible article regarding guns. First, regarding the shooting in California, the killer used a knife to kill just as many people as he did with a gun. So do we ban knives as well? Of course not. Secondly, when did his murderous rampage end? Why it ended as do most of these killings, when a person with a firearm showed up. A logical conclusion would be this, if more people were allowed to carry guns this person could have been stopped sooner.
    As for the killing here, the number one killer of young black men is, wait for it, that’s right, young black men. Do we still blame the firearms? Really? Clearly these young men would be killing each other with knives or lead pipes or anything else if guns were not available.

    Of course the media will not touch these issues. It’s much easier to vilify an inanimate object.

    Wild west attitude my butt!!!!! Look at the facts, in all the major U.S cities were concealed carry is allowed crime has decreased. In the cities were it is not allowed or restricted such as Chicago and New York it is on the rise.

  3. Mr. Thompson,
    Firearm has already been strictly regulated in Canada and handguns are restricted. This is quite different from US.

    So all you can do are:
    A) pass another law like “Shooting people on the street is disallowed”, or
    B) spend money on stopping real crime, speed up police response time, and fight against the root of crime – poverty.
    C) targeting on law abiding gun owners as well as newspaper owners – if you are smart enough you will find targeting on law abiding gun owners and targeting on newspaper owners will have same effect on gun crime rate.

    Which option do you prefer?

  4. Mr. Thompson,
    give you some crash course on Canada firearm laws if you think you can beat crime by adding more firearm regulations:

    To illegally shoot a person with a handgun, the shooter must get ATT from RCMP CFO, RCMP/CFO must approve the person to bring the handgun to visit the victim, and RCMP/CFO must approve the purpose (killing people) of using handgun.

    Can you explain that in Toronto shooting, how RCMP/CFO would approve ATT for that shooter to kill other people?

    If you can, you should sue RCMP/CFO.
    If you cannot, you automatically admitted that adding more firearm regulation CANNOT resolve the crime.

    So, here is the question for you Scott, my friend,
    Can you or CANNOT?

  5. Your very first sentence in your article is factually untrue. Please note that the “shooting” did not take the lives of 7 people.
    Also, it is time these articles take note that people involved in these mass murders are almost always on or have recently stopped taking anti-depressant drugs. These drugs all list suicide or suicidal thoughts as side effects, and many list “wanting to hurt or kill others” as a side effect. Do you think this fact may warrant some investigation?