Strategic Voting ? Not Likely !

Hamilton, ON, Canada / AM900 CHML | Hamilton News

A number of Union leaders have urged their members to employ strategic voting when they cast their vote in next week’s Ontario election.

The end game here is to block Tim Hudak and what they feel is his anti-union mantra.

Some Union leaders call this ‘smart voting’, others call it strategic, I call it a waste of time.

The theory is for union members to vote for the NDP  incumbent, but in other ridings, vote Liberal if the Liberal candidate has a better chance of beating the PC candidate.

Can it get any more confusing ?

How is the average voter, who pays little attention to polls, supposed to know who has the best chance to win ?

And is the NDP or Liberal  candidate in any riding going to encourage supporters to vote for the other candidate ? Not likely !

The real story here is that these Union leaders are ticked off at Andrea Horwath for not supporting the budget but they can’t bring themselves to divorce themselves from their traditional support for the NDP.

We’ve  seen this  played out before;  the anti-Common Sense Revolution  vote was  split between  NDP and Liberal supporters.

That  kind of ambivalence   paved the way for successive  Mike Harris majority governments in  the 1990′s.

We don’t vote strategically .

We vote with our hearts , not with our heads , and , as Hemmingway said, we get the government we deserve.




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