Let’s Not Forget..We Do Live In A Democracy

Hamilton, ON, Canada / AM900 CHML | Hamilton News


There’s been a lot of push back, mostly from the conservative media, about the Ontario Provincial Police Association and their ‘Anybody But Hudak’ campaign.

Now, we discover that the Firefighters Union has issued a similar  directive to their membership.

Some are suggesting that Emergency workers such as Police and Firefighters don’t have the right to  be involved in Provincial elections, but the reality is, there seems to be no rule prohibiting such action, although the use of uniformed officers in the 15 second video may have crossed the line.

And we do live in a democratic society and they , like all of us, have a right to express their views.

Teachers, Health Care Workers and other Public Sector workers are active in elections , so why not police and firefighter associations ?

Is it self-serving ?

Probably, but many other groups  raise issues and bring their subjective slant to election campaigns.

Besides, I don’t remember any outrage with the very same Police Union endorsed Mike Harris and Tim Hudak back in the 1990′s… just sayin!

Let’s be clear;  this is not an endorsement of their message, it’s recognizing their right to say it.

As to whether or not their attack ads will have any impact on  voters, ask me at about 10pm on Election Night because this one’s simply too close to call.


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