Cleaning Up Hess Village

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When are we going to take off the rose coloured glasses and admit that we have a major problem with Hess Village ?

I raised this issue after the last fatal stabbing at Hess some months ago  and  a few self appointed downtown boosters slagged me for giving the downtown a bad reputation.

Those people  clearly need to  get out more often.

I’m not giving Hess Village a bad rap, the stabbings, the assaults and the  drug deals are giving Hess the bad rap !

Another stabbing this past weekend and a sexual assault; that’s not the kind of stuff you want to put in a tourism brochure.

Recent  police  stats  confirm what we already knew, that there’s a spike in crime in and around Hess.

You’d think that local business owners would be  demanding  that Hess Village become a safer place  and maybe they are, quietly , but it seems that the only complaint we hear about from those owners is the high cost of policing.

The changes that have occurred in downtown Hamilton have been transformational; new condo developments, new hotels and new business but for that to continue, we can’t have a trouble spot  like Hess has become.

Hess used to be a great people place and an asset to Hamilton’s downtown.

It can be again, but it won’t get fixed until we admit we have a problem .


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  1. I avoid that place like the plague. It’s nothing but a “Meat Market” where boozed-up young men have fragile egos. The slightest little off-the-cuff remark may get you in a fight, or worse. The knife seems to be the weapon of choice there. I’ll spend my disposable hard-earned income at a much safer place, such as Fisher’s or Sarcoa. At least there won’t be blood on my plate. I don’t understand the Owners squalking about the cost of extra police while their cash registers jingle merrily away…..