Chief DeCaire has a change of heart, will ask to stay

Hamilton, ON, Canada / AM900 CHML | Hamilton News
Chief DeCaire has a change of heart, will ask to stay

Glenn De Caire has changed his mind.

Months after handing in his retirement notice, the police chief tells CHML’s Bill Kelly that he is asking Hamilton’s police services board to rescind that notice.

He says members of the public like what the organization is doing and have been asking him to stay. He points to major drops in violent crime and robberies and the new COAST rapid response model which aims to get police officers out and mental health professionals into scenarios where necessary with a focus on “communication” and “de-escalation”.

DeCaire notes that other major projects are also coming to fruition including a new forensic’s facility and security planning for the 2015 Pan Am Games.

The police services board will discuss his request during the “confidential” section of its meeting on Monday.

The Chief notes that all parties have the “common interest” of public safety, adding that he doesn’t believe there is “any bridge anywhere that is burned”.


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  1. At the time when the Chief of Police of Hamilton said he was leaving, I, felt very sad.
    I felt the injustice that was rolled on him. I , am, so, glad, that he is a person I always thought to be, a humble, hard working, considering all what is for us in this city , and for our safety.
    He has a heart of flesh. Thank you being here for us.

  2. Chief Glen DeCaire… has done our City Proud…and he has done a great job since joining the force. Many changes, challenges…Our City not only has dropped in the crime rate.. but ranks the Only City in Ontario who has seen such a drastic Drop and has been able to hang on. Yes he wants money… but for good reason. His Officers are so much happier and have stated so when asked. I think our City needs the Chief and should keep him on board… why bring in someone to have to learn and be retrained to know the officers.. our streets.. our community… Let someone who has shown he cares.. who has made efforts.. who has reached out to many families when able.. who has given and shows respect and is given respect from his very own Police Officers…he stands proud and he stand behind us all… For the Job he has…and how tuff a job.. to run a complete police Department.. a home…has done a outstanding job… I am very proud to call him our Chief… and I think the City of Hamilton should do the same….. Look past the need of Money he needs and has asked for .. you need to look deeper to what he can do and has done…..I thank the Chief also for helping to keep us all safer…..I will be praying that we are heard…I am also very glad he has decided he would like to stay….

  3. Outrageous Budget demands….granted by a weak council year after year after year.
    Shootings/killings by police yearly.
    An Innocent person beaten nearly to death (oops wrong address).
    Numerous serious infractions by hamilton police force with no recrimination.
    Wasted funds on Mounted Force and other toys.
    Now he obviously cannot make up his mind. Begone please.