Hudak’s Long, Hard Fall

Hamilton, ON, Canada / AM900 CHML | Hamilton News

Ontario PC’s had their first caucus meeting since last week’s election and it did not go well for Tim Hudak.

The PC Leader had announced on election night that, in light of his Party’s stunning defeat, he would step down as Leader as soon as the Party holds a leadership convention and picks a new standard bearer.

But, that’s not good enough for some of the PC caucus, who apparently have a lot of  pent up frustration.

They blame Hudak for the PC’s bad showing and many of them want him out  now.

They say that Hudak’s pledge to cut 100,000  public sector jobs was a deal breaker for voters and according to the disgruntled caucus members, none of them knew anything about the job cutting pledge until  they heard Hudak make the pronouncement early in the campaign.

There were other comments made about Hudak’s  performance as leader, none of them flattering.

It seems that  last Thursday evening, when the polls closed, Tim Hudak  went from a trusted leader to a major liability.

Hudak is learning a hard truth about politics.

Being chosen as a political leader must be a real rush; like you’ve made it to the top of the mountain.

But if you don’t  start winning elections, it’s a long, hard fall from that mountain top, especially if you’re being pushed.


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