Fantino’s Spin Is An Insult To Veterans

Hamilton, ON, Canada / AM900 CHML | Hamilton News

Every time that Veterans Affairs Minister Julian Fantino  tells us how he is trying to  ’help’ Canadian veterans, he seems to stretch the limits of incredulity .

We’ve already been told that budget cuts that resulted in  closing some  veterans offices and reducing  support for veterans dealing with PTSD and other afflictions would have no negative impact .

Yet  the  horrific stories of  veterans suicides and depression tell a different story.

Fantino now says that the criticism leveled against him is unfair.

He says that  severely wounded vets , for instance ,receive $10,000 a month in benefits and assistance.

That’s great news, except for the fact that it isn’t  true !

The Veterans Affairs Department’s own  stats  show that of the  521 severely injured vets who would qualify , only about 4 of them  might, emphasize MIGHT , qualify for the maximum payment.

Most of those wounded vets  receive considerably less in the way of  support.

So, here goes Fantino again, playing fast and loose with the truth to try to create the impression that this government is looking after Canadian veterans.

Let’s not forget that this is the same government that is in court, arguing that they have no moral responsibility to care for Afghanistan vets who return home after serving their country.

Maybe we’ve become so jaded that we don’t even flinch when our government  doctors the truth.

But using Canadian Veterans as pawns in this  cost cutting charade is  shameful.


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