The Silly Season Of Politics

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We are officially into the summer season now, and with the House of Commons breaking for their extended summer hiatus, we get into the silly season of politics.
MP’s head back to their ridings and you’ll see them turning up at street festivals and barb b ques to kiss babies and shake hands and generally try to tell us that they love being our MP and that they’re
fighting for us in Ottawa.
Some MP’s actually use some of their budget to pay for these picnics and barb b ques and apparently, they think it’s OK to use taxpayers money for their own self
promotion .
But if you get invited to one of these summer shindigs, don’t ask your MP what they spend their budgets on, because that might be uncomfortable .
And don’t remind them that this year, they gave themselves another salary increase, even though you haven’t had a raise for years now; and don’t bring up the fact that they used our tax money to pad their
lucrative pension plan while, in all likelihood, you don’t even have a pension plan.
Because the summer political barb b que circuit isn’t about talking about nasty business like that, it’s all about smiles and photo ops for pictures that will appear in your MP’s next mass mail out in the
But make sure that if you attend your MP’s summer festivities, you grab a couple of hot dogs or burgers, because, in all likelihood, you’re paying for them !


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  1. Until Canadians get Backbones and demand that these free-loaders are employed by us things will never change. We the electorate allow this to happen.
    I think you call it Apathy!

  2. Thanks for the “Heads Up” , Bill….I WILL grab a hot dog or a burger – and give it to some poor kid who hasn’t eaten that day, because his parents are too broke from paying taxes.