OACP votes for Chief De Caire’s resolution to suspend officers without pay

Hamilton, ON, Canada / AM900 CHML | Hamilton News

Ontario police chiefs are calling on the province to amend legislation that makes it mandatory for suspended officers to be paid.

Hamilton Police Chief Glenn DeCaire’s resolution has been passed at the Ontario Association of Chiefs of Police annual general meeting in Ottawa.

It calls on the government to open up the Police Services Act and give chiefs the power to decide if an officer should be paid while suspended from duty.

The controversial issue was front and centre in Hamilton during the case of Dave Doel.

The former inspector was paid $552 thousand dollars while suspended for four years after being charged with offences ranging from sex on duty to using police equipment to spy on an alleged former lover.

After dragging the process out, Doel tendered his resignation, taking the half-million dollars in salary and the truth about the allegations with him.


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