Hydro Problems Go Back A Long Way

Hamilton, ON, Canada / AM900 CHML | Hamilton News

It’s no surprise that Ontario’s Ombudsman Andre Marin has a truck load of complaints about our Hydro bills and the cost of power.

The McGuinty government made some bad choices and bad investments but sadly, they followed a pattern of neglect and poor judgement that’s been going on for years.

The NDP  failed to invest in repairing an old and worn out system and failed to trim the bloated Hydro bureaucracy .

When the Mike Harris Common Non-Sensible Revolution took hold, they made a bad hydro situation  worse.

Yes they fired  the CEO of Ontario Hydro, but they gave her  an obscenely lucrative payout .

Then, Harris decided to pass on the massive hydro debt to each and every one of us with the ‘Debt Retirement Charge’ and it’s still there as a monthly reminder of how Harris reduced government spending by simply downloading the debts to  local taxpayers.

To make matters worse, Ernie Eaves decided to  cap  hydro rates; nice idea except that as the cost of buying power increased, it only added to the debt retirement charge.

And now, we’re conserving energy like never before.

We’re turning off the lights and doing laundry at 11 o’clock at night and we’re paying more for hydro than ever before.

Sadly, when it comes to dealing with Ontario Hydro, all three Political  Parties are in the dark .


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