Stadium Delay Is Inconvenient Not Catastrophic

Hamilton, ON, Canada / AM900 CHML | Hamilton News

We’ve known for some time that it was a possibility, but yesterday it was confirmed that Tim Horton Field will not be ready for the Tiger Cats first home game on July 26th.

The Tiger Cats , knowing the delay was possible, have already cut a deal with McMaster to play at Ron Joyce Field; in fact, the smart money says that the Cats won’t move to their new home until the Labour Day game against the Argos.

Disappointing ? Absolutely, but not catastrophic.

The delay is not going to cost the City a single dime, nor will it cost  Hamilton taxpayers a single dime .

Those terms are clearly laid out in the contract; the contractor is on the hook for additional costs and since he hasn’t been paid yet, those costs should be recovered from his final payment.

Sadly, it’s the Tiger Cats who take the financial hit.

Lost advertising revenue and ticket sales are a tough break for a guy who’s already sunk over $43 million of his own  money into this football team .

We’ve tried numerous times to talk with Infrastructure Ontario about the problems with construction, but typical of government bureaucrats, they’re all hiding under their desks , not answering calls.

But it was Infrastructure Ontario, not the City and not the Tiger Cats, who insisted on taking total control of the stadium construction.

So, it’s up to them to live up to their end of the deal and make this right for everyone involved.



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