Downtown By-law Officer On Hold

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Downtown By-law Officer On Hold

The plan to add a by law enforcement officer to dissuade loitering outside of businesses near Gore Park is off the table–at least for now.

Business owners in the Downtown BIA had asked for the enforcement after they complained of people hanging around for long periods of time and dissuading would be customers.

Some complained of people spitting, dealing drugs and urinating.

The city explored the feasibility of a three-year pilot project between by-law officers and the Hamilton police to examine better enforcement of existing bylaws, including issuing more tickets.

But the task force has decided to take no action on that plan.

Hamilton police will continue to assess the drug activity in the area and are planning a four- to five-month study of the corner of King and Hughson to find out what draws  criminals to that area.


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  1. …”What draws criminals to that area.” No names, no arrests, no convictions. Just a blatant statement tarnishing all who stand in front of the Right House Tim Horton’s as ‘criminals.’ Guilty until proved innocent are they? I am a senior, I live downtown, I have occasionally popped into the RHTH shop for a coffee and I have NEVER had any problems with anyone outside of the premises. Certainly, one has to be careful wherever one goes, but one also has to be careful in crossing the street. Bottom line? It’s time for media like CHML to quit dumping on the so-called ‘criminals’ (code for those who are ‘different than us’) who are ‘loitering’ downtown because in the end it only confirms CHML (and its ilk) as being sensationalist and superficial, unworthy of serious attention from people who genuinely care about our downtown, city, and ALL of its residents.

  2. There are people who are disrespectful. In any aspect that is.
    Yes, spitting is disgusting and it carries the bacteria. But, what can we do about it. Give a ticket, for what. Those people will not ever going to pay it. One can not get blood from the stone. And then sentence them to jail term, no room for them for this kinds of offenses.,