Backlash Over Provincial Transit Meeting

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Backlash Over Provincial Transit Meeting

There’s a backlash to the transit meeting planned for later this month between Ontario Transportation Minister Steven Del Duca and the Mayor’s Advisory committee.

Two Hamilton Councillors are not happy about it.

Councillor and Mayoral Candidate Brian McHattie says City Council has been clear about wanting full provincial funding for LRT….but says this whole issue has been about mixed messages.

Councillor Sam Merulla says he will boycott the meeting because  he says if it’s a closed door attempt to change the city’s position that LRT be entirely funded by the province–then it’s illegal.



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  1. No wonder we can not have anything down. Everyone is a ? mark today.
    No integrity. There should never be a promise unless it is founded on solid and unchangeable ground. No wonder our youths are derailed. Our trucks are not supporting the traffic on it.