Breastfeeding brouhaha

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Breastfeeding brouhaha

The General Manager of The Centre on Barton is apologizing —- after a local mom was asked to cover-up while breastfeeding.

Monika Skarrett says she was eating in the food court last night with her family when her one-year-old daughter Calista became hungry.

Skarrett adds that she started to breastfeed the girl and was then approached by a security guard — who told her it was private property and asked her if she had a blanket.

In response to the incident —- dozens of moms and babies plan to stage a protest “nurse-in” at the mall tomorrow.

But the Centre on Barton’s General Manager insists it is mall policy that all breastfeeding mothers are welcome. He says the security guard in question was a younger, less experienced security firm employee — who will have the policy clarified for him.


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  1. It is common sense that the mother provide privacy to the child during feeding. By sheltering the child she will create a more relaxed environments and experience for the child. But, of course today’s mothers are not yet quite experienced in all the ins and out of being in relations to breast feeding. And long ago most mothers they stayed home so there were usually no such outing like eating out in the public place . But, many breast feeding mothers do not proceed to hang it all out. They like to keep their privacy and that of the child. Different stroke for different folks.