Not the culture change I was expecting

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I’m not quite sure what has changed with the Toronto Maple Leafs.

Months after taking over as President of the Leafs, and promising a culture change, why are Leafs fans and some reporters covering the team gushing over GM Brendan Shanahan’s newest hire?

On Tuesday, Shanny announced the hiring of 28-year-old Kyle Dubas as the team’s new Assistant GM.

Dubas’ first day on the job was also the last day at work in Blue & White for assistant GM Claude Loiselle and director of hockey operations Dave Poulin.

Dubas, the former Sault Ste. Marie Greyhounds GM, is heavily into advanced statistics and analytics.

In short, he’s going to look at a bunch of non-traditional statistics like shot quality, goal prevention, probability models and other individual performance measurements, and then relay that information to General Manager Davie Nonis.

Nonis, with the help of Dubas, Shanahan and a yet to be named co-assistant GM, will then sit down, look at the salary cap impacts and then determine what the roster should look like.

Is it a change in culture, even though Toronto employs the same GM, the same head coach, the same captain, and many of the same players that have failed on the ice?

It depends on how much stock you put into the new age of hockey stats.

I’m just not 100% sold on it at the moment.


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