Family with an Autistic Child: Eviction

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Family with an Autistic Child: Eviction

A Hamilton family with an autistic son is facing eviction from their apartment because of the boy’s noisy outbursts.

45 year old Remon Aywas says he’s received an eviction notice from the landlord at his apartment on Upper James, just north of Fennell.

The Spectator says a neighbour complained about the six year old boy’s yelling and banging.

Under Ontario’s Residential Tenancies Act, a landlord can issue a notice if a tenant’s conduct interferes with the “reasonable enjoyment” of other tenants.

The tenant then has a week to cease the conduct in question.

If they don’t, the matter goes to a board adjudicator for resolution which could include eviction.

Aywas says the landlord did offer to relocate his family within the building, but the new environment could disturb his son’s routine, which he’s afraid could make the situation worse.


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  1. There is no way the landlord can evict them and he knows this. I know I had three autistic children that lived below me and for three years and it was HELL! They had all the rights to bang and scream all night and all day too and all I could do was to get use to it. The landlords hands were tied by the human rights act. Now in bad health I am recovering since they have moved!! Everyone should have rights but just what happened to mine!! I guess the human rights act considers me not human!

  2. Many of these so called special gifted child’s are just plain spoiled. Undisciplined that is a norm today. They are like wild creatures in the dense forests and no one is to instruct them for the normal ways to be a human beings. We are lending a hand for these children’s to become unsuccessful in society by tolerating and by allowing encouraging the ways they like it. They grab superiority over the adult and they will drug it through out their living days.
    On the end they become the problems of society. If they are ill, they need to be looked after. I do know for the fact that we need more money spent on these cases. Some are ill. But, not all, but they need to be adjusted to society by some professional help.