Calls to Ban Smoking in Hamilton Apartments

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Calls to Ban Smoking in Hamilton Apartments

There’s a growing call for new regulations to ban smoking in apartment buildings and condo’s.

Right now – the provincial act doesn’t allow smoking in common areas like the lobby, hallways and elevators.

But it is allowed in individual units.

Kevin McDonald, manager of Hamilton’s tobacco control program, says the city had 49 complaints last year about smoking in apartment buildings, and 31 so far this year.

He says most of the complaints are coming from people who have health issues such as asthma or allergies and say the cigarette smoke is coming through the ventilation’s systems into their units.

The city’s Associate Medical Officer of Health, Dr. Nihn Tran, calls it a serious health concern that needs to be dealt with.

McDonald believes it should be included in provincial legislation.


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  1. Yes, I, urge that we have the smoking in all apartments building also banned. And in individual homes to be given the same right where we rent rooms, and they come in they say they do not smoke and then they start smoking and because of the rent control law we can not evict them. They become the landlords of our homes, with out any capital investments, or with out any responsibilities. This is long overdue . We had some people in our house in an apartment and we had to suffer with bronchitis, and went on to puffers because of them. We could not get them out of our home until finally they decided to pull out the fire detector in their unit, so that the alarm would not come on, and then the monitoring company called us in the middle of the night, to say, that the fire alarms had a week signals in one unit. They took out the fire alarms of the wall and they put it into the garbage outside on the street. We then could evict them but it cost to us a new fire alarm 560. 00 dollar.

    • Your smoke detectors where faulty if they where going off all the time or had been fooled around with to make them more sensitive. Ether way it was time to replace them with ones that properly work.

  2. WHAT A PEARSON DOES IN THIER OWN APARTMENT THAT THAY PAY FOR WITHIN THE LAW SHOULD BE NO ONE ELSES BUSINESS!! Changing the law to fit someone’s idea of what the law should be is bad. If you don’t want to rent to smokers don’t be a landlord or better yet move up north where the air is nice and clean. P.S I don’t smoke but what is next no television or radio because of the noise or a ban on pets.