Convicted sex offender rearrested

Hamilton, ON, Canada / AM900 CHML | Hamilton News

Convicted sex offender Keith Theodore  Constantin is back in custody.

A media release from Hamilton Police Saturday morning says that the 35-year old could not comply with his curfew condition and was arrested without incident Friday evening.

He is being held for a bail hearing.

Constantin was released from custody July 23 and police announced that he planned to reside in Hamilton.

He has prior criminal convictions for sexual assault, sexual assault with a weapon, assault with a weapon, assault, robbery and possession of explosives.

The Hamilton Police Service notified the public about his release because of  his potential to re-offend.

After reporting that Constantin was planning to live in the East End of Hamilton near Gage Park, police announced that he had moved to another location in the East End near Fruitland Road.


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  1. I think all sex offenders should never get out of prison .
    I also think if they do get released they should have a mark put on their face for life that we know who they are. What I don’t understand they have rights and we don’t as Canadians the law has to be changed .