Ticats are what they are, 1-5

Hamilton, ON, Canada / AM900 CHML | Hamilton News

The Tiger-Cats are 1-and-5.

Whether you think they should, or could, be 5-and-1 is irrelevant.

Hamilton is 1-and-5.

And if you make yourself believe the Ticats are better than their record, you’re fooling yourself.

They are 1-and-5.

Was Hamilton better than its 10-and-8 record last season?

It doesn’t matter, because you are what your record says.

With a bounce here, a big play there, the Tiger-Cats can surely be 5-and-1 or 4-and-2 or perhaps 2-and-4.

We’ll never find out because the first six games of the CFL season are over and the team can’t change the result.

The Cats lost those 5 games, period.

They’re 1-and-5, and it doesn’t matter if they deserve that mark or not, the reality is they haven’t made enough plays to win more than just 1 game.

Hamilton has another opportunity this Saturday afternoon when they host the 5-and-1 Calgary Stampeders.

Either way, the Ticats will have a losing record heading into Labour Day.

But despite that fact, Hamilton has only played 1 of their scheduled 8 games against an Eastern opponent, a 33-23 win over Ottawa.

The Cats will face Ottawa again, Montreal twice and Toronto three times.

Yes the Tiger-Cats are 1-and-5, but with 12 games left, they definitely have their fate in their hands.


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