Just plant a chip in my head!

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What’s the biggest problem in your tech filled life?

If you’re my wife, it’s typing in her password so she can use her smart phone.

 What she is going to do with the extra 2.3 seconds it takes to unlock the average phone is beyond me.

But apparently this is a royal pain in the arse for many.

 As a result you can now buy a digital tattoo.  IT is a sticker that carries the password needed to unlock your phone.

 Simply peel and stick on your person, touch your phone against the sticker, and you’re talking.

You can even wear it in the shower!

 But since it takes a full second to touch the phone to your tattoo, it’s really only a savings of 1.3 seconds.

 Why don’t we just cut to the chase and plant a chip in my head now with all the info needed.

Driver’s license, health card, birth certificate, blood type, even the grocery list.

 Everyone would be tapping their heads against everything from a gas pump to the cash register at Timmy’s.

You could now pay by simply head butting the driv thru speaker!

 Just tap your head and go!

 Although it would be hard to tell if a couple was kissing or just lending each other money.

 I’m Scott Thompson.


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  1. Beats me how lazy people have become. I remember a time when one had to actually cross the living room to change channels on TV. That took about 2.3 seconds, too. How priorities have changed since then ! And we wonder why so many are stressed out. Slow down Folks. You’ll live longer.