Teachers Unions want ‘snow days’ like the kids get!

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While you are trying to relax and enjoy your limited summer vacation, the teachers unions are quietly working on policy that replaces their banking of sick days with snow days.

So quietly, that they even refused to come on The Scott Thompson Show yesterday saying it wasn’t in their best interest.

 The Elementary Teachers’ Federation of Ontario voted this week to recommend boards close schools whenever the buses are cancelled due to bad weather.

Now the schools remain open for the two thirds of students who don’t; take the bus.

 “No one’s looking for days off, but we want the same measure of concern for teachers as students, and if it’s not safe for buses, teachers shouldn’t be made to try to come to school either,” said Marg Macfarlane, president of the ETFO in the Halton District School Board.

I’m not sure if that sounds like common sense or a kindergarten class.

 Hell why don’t we all stay home?

Because the majority of us have to work, and the majority of the kids walk to school, not bus.

 Every case has exceptions and I’m sure a teacher in dire consequences is now accommodated if needed. 

More than we can say for the rest of us who shoulder the cost.

 This is nothing more than the teachers union once again using your kid as bargaining chip to regain what was lost when the public had enough with the cost of banking of their sick days, which McGuinty scrapped.

 Get ready Ms. Wynne!

 I’m Scott Thompson.


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