Internet woes could worsen without new infrastructure

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Internet woes could worsen without new infrastructure

If your Internet has been running sluggishly lately it may not be your hardware or software.

The Curator at Personal Computer Museum says it may be the Internet providers’ old infrastructure.

“We’re actually getting to the point where they are going to have to start replacing old equipment anyway,” Syd Bolton, told the Scott Thompson Show Friday. “I don’t know if you know, Scott, what an IP address is? The problem is we are running out of those.”

Bolton likens the dwindling number of IP addresses to the dwindling amount of phone numbers which has prompted many cities to adopt 10-digit dialing.

He also warns the aging infrastructure could lead to blackouts becoming more frequent.

“If one Internet provider has a problem it could effectively spread to other Internet providers if they have a similar problem and they have similar equipment that has a catastrophic failure,” said Bolton.

He also notes that the world is running out of I-P addresses for computers, which is another indicator that the infrastructure will need upgrading.

“Internet rates, I don’t see them going down as the backbone companies have to pay for these infrastructure changes,” he said.


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