Nurses union worried about impact of the “swap”

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Nurses union worried about impact of the "swap"

More nursing changes are coming to St. Joseph’s Hospital and Ontario’s nurses union is worried about the impact it will have on patient care.

The hospital says it is preparing to “swap” 44 registered nurse positions for registered practical nurses.

An R-N has to have a university degree; an R-P-N a college diploma and they are qualified to provide different levels of care.

That is part of the organization’s previously announced cuts to 58 registered nursing positions almost all of which are full time.

St. Joe’s Vice President of Cinical Programs says the actual hours of patient care will be unchanged.

Ontario Nursing Association President Linda Haslam-Stroud worries patient care will be compromised.

The cuts, she says, are about balancing budgets on the backs of RN’s and patients.

(Hamilton Spectator)


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  1. STOP going to University. Why become an RN, just to hand up the diploma on the wall, and pay the bank for students loan, or to become a one who is in the highest positions next to the doctors, almost like a doctor and can deliver all what is needed with out calling upon the doctor. Make sense to have some one like them in an absence of the doctor.
    Others with the lower qualifications can not do it.